When to Start Training

“The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”

Ancient Chinese Proverb.

This is a true story: I once had a potential student come into my class. I usually get people to join in, but he just wanted to watch. He had a minor injury, and didn’t want to re-injure it. I broke my usual rule, and allowed him to just watch. This annoyed some of the new starters, who I had forced to join in. He chatted with me, and said, his dream was to become a VTK teacher. I said, well, start today, first lesson is free. He said, later, he was too busy, he was hurt, and he wanted to get fit first. Excuses, excuses.

Some time later, maybe a year or so, he came in and it was the same thing – Later. And again, about another year or so. The fourth time I said, “Look, see that guy there teaching the class?” A guy was leading the class while I was talking to him.

He said, “Yes, he’s pretty good.” I said, “Yes, he is. He has been going overseas, defeating masters, and representing the school.”

“Wow. How long as he been training?”

I said “He started 3 years ago. He had that first free lesson, on that very first day you first came in. He remembers, because he also just wanted to watch but I made him join in. Back then it annoyed him that I let you just watch when he had to join in, so he remembers you. Now, though, he remembers it fondly. You see, he did join in and trained, and stayed. You didn’t. That could have been you. So, why don’t you start now?”

He said he would return and join in next week. But he didn’t join in then, or ever. I never saw him again.

So, do it now. Don’t wait. Start today.