If you would like to visit my school:

It is at 63 Hanbury St. Mayfield, NSW, Australia. I welcome visitors, but ring first to make an appointment, as I have a daycare centre and we can’t have stray people at that time. I also travel a lot, so I can visit you if I am in the area, if you want.

If you ring (+61 249062087) or email [email protected] for an appointment, we can meet – there is a cafe nearby.

If you want to enquire about workshops etc., please use the above form. If you would like me to visit you when I am in your area, also send me a message. See the About Us page for information on this.

I will develop a list of schools I am associated with as well. Those schools that I am associated with can contact me and I will add them to the list. See the About Us page.


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