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So far all the dates and trips are projected and approximate. Details such as exact dates and schools and so on will be added over time.

May China Trip rather than March trip. Booked in. Arriving in HK evening of the 5th of May, leaving evening of May 26th.

This will be Hong Kong for a few days visiting some schools, then ten days in Nanning, Guangxi at my school. Some sightseeing may be included depending on who is coming.

European trip is confirmed, but the dates are not yet fixed. Projected dates are late July through August going home early September unless other times suit better.

Holland (Den Haague, Rotterdam) and Germany (Kassel, Markt-Indersdorf) are definite. Other places have made relatively firm bookings. The UK looks likely – London or somewhere near it.

A few spots left.

The November China trip is essentially the same as the March/April one. Except, like, it takes place in November.

Looks like a March Melbourne trip for a weekend too.



  1. Mateusz Formela


    Hellow mr. Dowding , I come from Poland. I was taught by sifu’s Lee’s student from Poland. I was told that you give seminars in Europe. Could I come and train with you?

    Best regards
    Mateusz Formela
    [email protected]

    • SifuBill


      Currently I’m having difficulties organizing seminars there. I have a couple of groups I teach over there. You would be welcome to any seminar I do, of course, but I do not know at this time when I will return. I would like to, but life keeps getting in the way.

  2. Mateusz Formela


    I understand. Please notify me as soon as you know so I could do some logistics. See you soon.

    Mateusz Formela


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