A New Beginning (in more ways than one)

Ok, so for a first try of writing regularly once more, I’ll explain why I haven’t been.

About two and a half years ago I moved back to my old house after living in China for almost ten years. This was because, in the words of my doctor, “Something dire is going to happen. You will have a stroke or heart attack or die within the next 2-3 years.”

I didn’t take this well.

Chinese doctors were not up to the task of fixing me, so I had to return home. Although I tried to keep up, I couldn’t continue with the writing through the move and subsequent settling in.

It was difficult to re-establish. My house was a junk heap, quite a lot of my belongings in storage had been stolen, eaten by vermin or simply old and rotten.

I also tried to keep up my regular classes even though I then got diagnosed with diabetes, and had probably had borderline diabetes for possibly ten years while in China, undiagnosed, and there was a lot of tests to find out what this had done to me. Damage had been done to my endocrine system (I wouldn’t find out for some time about this, though), although I’d managed to escape kidney damage, eye damage and a horrible list of other things. But it explained my two frozen shoulders.

Continuing recovery while trying to get my life restarted made it harder to keep up writing or teaching. Trips to teach overseas kept up for a year or so, but then as renovations and business here became difficult, I had to stop them for a while as well. One disastrous trip to Europe actually lost me money, so it was not justified to continue in the same manner. A new approach is needed there before I resume, but plans for that are not near fruition at this time.

The original illnesses that caused me to move back were, after considerable effort on the part of my doctor and myself, reversed and are now well under control, so I’m not going to have a stroke or heart attack imminently now. Ever, if I have my way.

Shoulders mostly recovered, although not completely, but progress is being made there as well. All good.

Trouble at home and other things meant I lost a lot of heart for things, and I was tired all the time, felt depressed and other things. I couldn’t do anything. Turns out my endocrine system was not in balance. Therapy is ongoing for that, but it’s only partially successful. At least I have energy some days, for most of the day, but sometimes I’m pretty flat.

Anyway, this left me with little left over to write with. I find that writing needs a certain joie de vie which I lack a lot of most of the time, and when I do, life has other priorities.

Then I shattered my wrist in a training accident, and the x-rays didn’t show it, so I continued teaching for two months with it broken, until a scan found out I’d done considerable damage to a small tiny bone that probably has a name but no one outside of specialists knows it. Hand in cast at the moment, waiting for it to either heal, in which case good, or the more probable scenario, not heal and surgery and a pin or wire or some such.

So, haven’t been up to doing much.

But, in an effort to restart my life, I’m going to try to start writing regularly again, and see if I can get into the mode of things.

So, let’s see how this thing works. I barely know how to drive it.




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