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If you want to know about me, see my bio.

If you want to know what Ving Tsun Kuen is, see here.

The Ving Tsun Centre is my school. If you want to know more about how I run my school, see here. If you want to know where it is, see here. If you want to contact me, use the “contact us” form.

If you want to join in with us, this is where you begin.

Class times:

Tuesday evening 7-9pm. Open at 6 for own training.

Saturday 3-5pm. This is a senior class, held at Pete’s place.

Thursday evening 7-9pm will start soon, once the awning is up.

Morning classes 7-8am will be held Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday starting in Jan.

We train all the time except public holidays.

There will be more classes soon, and I hope to have a studio running in 2015 that will be open every day, although I will not be personally teaching every day. I will teach some classes, other classes will be taught by various people who have trained with me a long time, and some classes will be like in Hong Kong, where you look after your own training. These classes will only be open to people who demonstrate sufficient ability and knowledge to be able to look after themselves.

I cap membership at about 12 people per class (about 25 active people), because that is all I have room for, and all I have time for at the moment. I only have intakes a couple of times a year, next intake is January 2015. The one after that will be about September. If you want to go on a waiting list, send me a message.

If you want to train for a few days/weeks/months as a visitor, you are welcome. Please arrange by sending me a message.


Membership is $100 a year – covering December to December. Visitors who are training less than a year pay $10 per month to cover insurance, or if people start after January, they pay $10 per month until next December. Membership fees due each December.

Lessons are $10 for a 2 hour class, which usually goes longer. Fees go solely to improving facilities, since I don’t have any yet.


Travel Calendar:

My travels to mysterious and far off places, in search of good beer, good sausages, good friends and good VTK. I’ll have to organize this better.

An approximate and as yet unconfirmed calendar of my travels for the upcoming year follows:

March – Nanning, China and Hong Kong.

Late July to late August/early September or so – Den Hague and Rotterdam, Holland, and Kassel and Markt-Indersdorf Germany.  Possibly other cities, other countries. Negotiations continue.

November – China and Hong Kong.

Updates will follow as times and places get confirmed.


Other training locations:

Links and contacts and other people will be added soon as I can get them.

Authorized Barry Lee Schools:

Fu Yang

Gino Torreblanca

Theo Pasialis

Kenny Ly

Paul Stephanidis

Bill Dowding


Bill Dowding schools:

Andreas Luiten. Germany

Leon Peng – Nanning, China

Andrew Cheung – London, England

Peter Stevens – actually another location I teach at


Schools Associated with Barry Lee and/or Bill Dowding:

(ie, regular annual workshops are held there, or have trained extensively with Barry or Bill)


Peter Schop

Robert Vogel




Robert Stockbauer


Other WSL VTK schools, friends and associates:

More will be added as I get permission from them.

Hong Kong:

Yuen Ming

Cliff Au-yeung




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