Welcome to The Ving Tsun Centre


“The more you sweat in peace the less you bleed in war.”
(Various versions of this quote are attributed to everything from traditional Chinese like to modern generals like Patton. It seems to be a common sentiment.)

Congratulations, and welcome. Today you have taken action worthy of praise: You made a commitment and attended your first lesson in Ving Tsun Kung Fu with us at the Ving Tsun Centre. “The journey of a thousand leagues begins with but a single step.” (From the great sage and Taoist master, Lao Tze, in his book “The Tao te Ching”).
*. You are already on your way.

Unlike most of the population that wonders what Ving Tsun Kung Fu is all about, you now have an inkling of the astonishing journey that lies before you.

You might be feeling overwhelmed by the amount of detail that you have been presented with, or sore from the warm-up, or perhaps disappointed because Bruce Lee wasn’t in class.

To let these conclusions influence you into not returning would be equally unproductive. The potential that lies within you would never be realized and the question of “what if” would always remain.

There is a lot to learn, of course, but you will be carefully guided one step at a time by qualified experts – at your own pace – progressively through the learning and self-discovery that is the route to mastering Ving Tsun.

The Master that taught Bruce Lee also taught the person whose name this school bears. While Bruce went for the dramatic action to satisfy his audience, most of us mere mortals want to subdue our opponents quickly and efficiently. This is where Barry Lee’s expertise comes in. If it wasn’t for Barry Lee’s dedication and dogged determination, this greatly respected and treasured Chinese secret combat system might still not be taught to Westerners in a pure and complete form.

And, if you are dedicated and do what you need to do today, tomorrow you may be a little stiff or even sore. Learning any new physical skill can strain muscles. Your body will adapt quickly – just take your time and get used to the regime of exercise. You will learn about methods of recovering from (or better yet, largely avoiding) soreness, stiffness and strains.

Before you is an opportunity to gain a great skill whose secrets were jealously guarded for centuries. It is not mere self-defence and it certainly is not a sport. It is an awesome scientific combat discipline, the intent of which is total incapacitation of your opponent in the shortest possible time.

I urge you not to waver but to return and to reap the many rewards that lie on the path before you.

There is an old Chinese saying – “The very best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is today”.

The choice is yours.