Writing is the most fun you can have on your own.” Terry Pratchett, writer.

These are my writings, mostly on the topic of Barry Lee Ving Tsun, but also on other topics. I have a huge selection of writing in various formats that I am upgrading and updating for this website. Its a work in progress.

While I agree with the above quote from the legendary Terry Pratchett, (who must understand real kung fu if his book “The Thief of Time” is anything to go by, and which I highly recommend), I feel that VTK is nearly as much fun, and writing about VTK is about as much fun as any solo activity could be.

This, if you like, is more or less like a table of contents to this body of work.

Table of Contents.

1. Ask Sifu Bill – Q&A about anything I might know about. Moderated to get rid of ridiculous stuff. Short answers I give right there, long ones will have their own blogs, posts or articles.

2. Introductory Material. This is about the blogs and various conventions I use (or try to stick to). It is also where I put in background material on martial arts, history, and other material not directly related to VTK practice itself.

3. The Ving Tsun Centre. This is my physical school. This topic will eventually be only available to those people who physically attend my school(s). But for now it is publicly available.

4. Articles. This is where you can download pdfs of articles that I have written, either for publication in various magazines or simply for information for my school, or for the various schools that I teach at.

5. Siu Lim Tao. This is all about the first form of VTK. It is divided into topics. Introductory material – how to do and think about Siu Lim Tao. The first 3 moves – about the first 3 moves of SLT. The first third, the second third and the last third. Closing SLT on how to finish it off. Advanced SLT – how the moves change as the student progresses.

6. Back issues of the Newsletter.


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